Frequently asked questions

1Do I have to pay anything for the course?
No, you don't; it’s completely for free, you will only have to pay with your motivation.
2Can I get an Oculus Rift equipment if a take the VR course?
Sorry, but don’t. We don’t get any kind of grant or external help, so we can’t afford it.
3Witch software will be used?
For the VR classes the main software we’ll use is Facebook Spaces.
4I have another VR headset, can I participate?
Only in case you have HTC Vive.
5Do I need a Facebook account?
Yes; since we’ll use Facebook Spaces you’ll need it in case you take the VR course.
6I have the Oculus Standalone headset, can I participate?
Sorry, but you can’t. This headset does not include the touch control, which is something very important for us.
7When does the course start?
VR course: beggining of June, but it depends on people's availability. Webcam course: it's programmed for September.
8How is the dynamic of the course?
Every week you’ll have to make some tasks on the Moodle platform, such a watching videos and completing quizes. You can do it whenever you want, but always before we take the virtual class because in that moment we’ll practice the theory you've studied.
9How much time do I need to complete the course?
38 hours: 15 hours of self-work + 23 hours of virtual class. It's programmed two sessions per week so consider you'll have to study the theory for each session before.
10Can I miss a virtual class?
We understand you may have exceptional plans, but we need you to commit to attend a minimum of 75% of the classes, so you can’t have more than 4 absences.
11How many students are in each group?
Just 3, so the classes will be very participatory.
12I have completed the form, what's next?
Once we have enough participants to create the groups we will contact you with further details.