What is

Oculus4languages is a non-profit project that aims to explore the possibilities of immersive virtual reality in language teaching.

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can participate?

There will be two kinds of groups; one of them will use the VR platform and the other a computer with a webcam, so even if you don’t have a VR equipment you can join us!



1. Not having studied Spanish before

2. To have access to an Oculus Rift / HTC Vive or computer with webcam

3. To be motivated

Course duration:

34 hours

15 hours of independent work + 19 hours of virtual class (1h15 per session)

7 weeks

Two 1h15 sessions of virtual class per week. We will set a time once we know the students’ availability

Start date

The webcam courses will be held at the beginning of November. Click on "join us" if you're interested an complete the form. We are not looking for more VR users but we might run more courses in the future. Write us an email if you're interested.


We've conducted a pilot study wich has been very useful to redo and improve the materials

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